Bespoke sex dolls are the lovers of your dreams!

Did you ever think that the girls of your dreams one day may become a reality? With a sex doll tailored to your needs, the possibilities have no limits endless – sexy neighbor, co-worker, girl you saw on the internet, a porn star.

Face-on-demand feature

All of this is now possible with, as they can create a love doll face similar to the one on a picture sent to them during a customization process.
Of course, choosing from various body part options to build a doll that matches our needs was always vital, but you must admit it was not complete until now.
The Face-on-demand feature has always been desired by customers, as it enables a new level of design and changes dutch-wives into unique and intimate companions.
Even a loved one that has passed away, or a long crunch from high school that still drives you crazy, may accompany you in everyday life and bed.

The girl of your dreams

Now you may wonder what will happen if you match the right hair, body size, and breasts with the face you’ve always longed for – and the answer is quite simple – you will get the girl of your dreams!
Just think about the possibilities of creating not only a dame de voyage but a true companion with a friendly face – and never be lonely again!

On the other hand, if you’re in a relationship, imagine how you can reignite those flames of love once again thanks to a premium sex doll with a face you both agreed to and desire!
Or think how kinky it would be to have a ménage à trois with your second self or an avatar of your partner.

Other options

As one of the finest sex doll manufacturers in the world, offers a total customization of your doll – you may choose from the following options (most of them are free):

  • Body shape and size,
  • Skin tone,
  • Breast Size,
  • Eye color,
  • Skeleton style,
  • Hairstyle and wig color,
  • Vagina type (fixed or replaceable),
  • Pubic hair – presence and style,
  • Nail color (or natural).

All above is fine and needed, but it’s of course a doll’s face from a picture that enables the creation of a partner fully tailored to your needs – and it took years of R&D (and passion!) for such a level of realism to be possible.

Unique Design Dolls

Should you, however, prefer a ready-to-use sex doll (without sending pictures, etc.), the Unique Design Dolls section of the website (which includes the RIDMII sex doll brand) will satisfy your needs. As the shop says itself– if you are a customer thinking: „I want my real doll to be the most special and unique in the world”, this section is just right for you.

Top 20 sex dolls

You also have to check the „Top 20 Dolls” listed on the page. It lets you instantly choose the most popular dolls among customers.
They represent the sexiest value-for-price products – if you are a new i-Dollator please check this Top 20 first to get the overview of the best deals on the market. All of them shine like gems even compared to the most beautiful and expensive dolls depicted in our Almanach.

Premium sex dolls, premium customer service

Now you probably say: “Ok, the girls are fine, now what about the service”?
Well, strives to be the best in production/design and customer service combined.
They established five warehouses to achieve that: in the U.S.A, U.K., European Union, Japan, and China. All that to ensure the fastest delivery possible, no hassle with customs, etc.
Other key factors of customer service and satisfying shopping experience include free and discreet delivery by FedEx/UPS/DHL, one year of customer protection (free repair service/tools), top-notch 24/7 customer support, and secure payments.
From all of these, you may see that they are serious about the sex doll business – excellent customer reviews are a perfect example of that.

All of this is possible thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Andy Smith, a sexologist from Germany who traveled to Hongkong, opened his own sex doll company there in the year 2017.
From this time he stayed focused on research and development delivering the most beautiful sex dolls to clients from all over the world.

Competitive prices

As for the prices – the beauty above (her name is Avy) costs just 1,249$ instead of 1888$, and with that looks – even when the sale is over – she will be still worth the regular price with 10 out of 10 scale like Yasuragi.

They say one picture is worth a thousand words – it also applies to realistic sex dolls.
Customization of all body parts is vital. The face, however, lets the sex doll become almost human and us fall in love with it.

Only one question remains – whose picture would you choose?